German Counted Thread Embroidery on Filet net / Aida

Counted Thread embroidery on Aida - A variation:
While reading about Medieval embroidery, I came across this beautiful site giving examples of 14th century textiles with German counted thread/Brick stitch motifs.  It is a very simple technique actually, where you just pass the thread above and below the fabric in a desired pattern.  Here is another website with some more motifs to try out.
Is combining various stitch techniques and fabrics difficult or impossible?  Of course not, if you have the creativity and the fun time for experimenting!!

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I tried out combining the Brick stitch/Counted thread embroidery technique onto Filet netting with large holes for a change. 

Filet net embroidery generally is totally different and the lace is worked on a knotted net fabric, which is also hand-made.

I used two colors here, namely Deep rose and Leaf green, and the thread thickness depends on the size of the hole of the filet net.  I used crochet cotton thread for this piece. 

And here is the outcome of my experiment.  Such a piece can be made into cushion covers, table mats or used on bags/totes etc.  

Filet net embroidery chart
I made a chart too using PCStitch software,  which you can download to try out on your own.  As you can see, it is a very simple and easy method, where you draw the colored thread above and into the filet net squares in a particular pattern.

You can also try charts normally available for cross-stitch and crochet/filet crochet too for this technique, which will give you an endless number of variations.  

Have loads of fun creating your very own unique home decor items!


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