Saree Embroidery - 4 - Herringbone stitch

Herringbone stitch is widely used in hand embroideries and crazy patchwork creations.  Herringbone stitch is also known as Mossoul stitch, Persian stitch, Russian stitch, Russian cross stitch, plaited stitch, catch stitch and witch stitch.  The stitch has also been adapted in crochet and knitting and cross-stitch variations.

When I received this starched off-white cotton saree, as a gift from an aunt, with its rich Indian traditional printed pallu and border tipped with a gold/Zari border on both sides, I had an idea.  Why not fill in the plain white space with some exciting embroidery?
My saree with herringbone stitch embroidery
First, I drew a traditional Indian motif onto paper for tracing.

I adapted the Herringbone stitch to fill up this traditional Indian motif using two contrasting colors seen in my saree.

I used maroon and green colored silk threads to embroider the motif at regular intervals on the saree.
Closeup of the embroidered motif
Saree pallu with beads

Finally I embellished the saree further by gluing on flat-backed 4mm size ruby-red beads (available in craft shops) near and in-between the motifs and also in the centers of the printed motifs in the saree pallu. 
Original image at
Closeup of bead glued on saree
A picture of ruby red beads
More info about Herringbone Stitch in
Herringbone stitch worked on the reverse of the fabric and closed will resemble the traditional Chikankari embroidery work of Lucknow.  Check out this amazing tutorial for working out Chikan >>


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