Fiery Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums ..

My memories of them invoke images of creepy stems trailing all over the fence spilling their lovely flowers with a heady mix of the bright yellows-reds-oranges-whites interspersed with round green leaves with wavy edges..

I enjoyed embroidering these onto a tablecloth, based on a design in the May 1983 edition of Burda's Anna Magazine in Swedish.   

 Here are closeups of the two corners as well as a closer look at the various stitches used to embroider them. 

Click on the pictures for larger views..
I have used stem stitch within the flowers and for the stems, and button hole stitch for filling in the petals and leaves.

For the edges of the tablecloth, I have used white-to-orange shaded lace trim.
The recommended colors are DMC mouline threads of shades: 

Yellow amber-90 (shaded),
Orange amber-51(shaded),
Dark green-986, and 
Light green-989.

Here are scanned pictures of the various design layouts of the flower pattern, from the original magazine.  Click on the images for larger views...

A Song on the Nasturtium fairy

Nasturtium the jolly,
O ho, O ho!
He holds up his brolly
Just so, just so!

(A shelter from showers,
A shade from the sun;)
‘Mid flame-coloured flowers
He grins at the fun.

Up fences he scrambles,
Sing hey, sing hey!
All summer he rambles
So gay, so gay-

Till the night-frost strikes chilly,
And Autumn leaves fall,
And he’s gone, willy-nilly,
Umbrella and all.

- Original song on the Flower Fairies website >>


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