Gorgeous flowers with Kundan stones/Rhinestones - Part 2

This is in continuation of my earlier post on making flowers with Kundan stones/rhinestones.

Once you have mastered the art of making the basic flowers with the petals, you can try advanced versions such as these..

Here is a flower with 2 layers of petals in matching shades.

The trick here is to make the basic flower with one level of petals, and then add another level of petals on the outer edge, by placing these larger petals in between the smaller ones.

Now for the next variation, this time by adding a border to the petals..

I tried out 2 flowers, one with a border of pearls and another with a border of golden-colored beads.

Start by making a basic flower but instead of a kundan stone, use a large pearl for the central bud.

Then make a small string of pearls for the border of each petal with the golden wire, and while making the petal, insert this pearl border piece below the golden wire of the petal on either edge.  Wind all the four wire endings together tightly to secure the border to the petal. Finally wind the petals onto the central pearl bead and use the green tape to complete the flower.

For the other type of flower, use a string of golden-colored beads for the outer border of the petals.  You could use the readily-available bead chain in the market, or make a border piece yourself in the same way as the pearl border shown above.  And for the center, you could try a string of golden-colored beads to form a circle like in this one, or any large golden-colored bead.  Repeat the same process as for the others.

Try them out now!!



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