Recycle soft foam into a beautiful rose garland !

Hi gals!

Most of us have been buying electronic goods like TVs and refrigerators etc. and then have been left with the soft foam packaging, along with the cartons.  For those of you who have wondered on what you could do with these soft foam sheets, here is a bright idea!

These sheets are typically in white color and very thin, though sometimes you also come across thicker ones.  But both should suit the making of a rose garland for your home.  You could also find similar ones in your local craft shop in other colors like this pink one I bought.  Here are pictures of how they generally look like. 
Here is one end-product I tried out with the white sheets I had lying around in my house, along with pink colored soft foam sheets I bought, and the result was fantastic!

Rose garland from soft foam sheets
The steps are quite easy:
1.First, I cut out small rectangular strips of these sheets, in both colors of about 10cm long and 4 cm wide each.
2. Then,I made several flowers out of these strips by rolling them into roses, based on the same technique of making roses from satin ribbons (Check out Youtube for detailed instructions on making roses).
3. Tying up all these roses in alternate colors into a garland was the last step, and the end result is already there for you to see!

Making rose garland from soft foam packaging
I made the rose garland to adorn the picture frame of Lord Venkeshwara and Goddess Padmavati in our pooja room,  but you could find other uses for these roses, like in bouquets, cards and other decor items.

So next time you see packaging, think twice before discarding it as you could make something useful and artful out of this "waste"!  You would also feel good doing your bit for the environment, by recycling!  So, Good luck!


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