Horses - Love them, sketch them, embroider them!

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Did I mention that I have always been fascinated by horses, and love their beautiful shape, shiny coat and of course those gentle but mysterious eyes?

I have never missed a chance to watch them and stroke them at my friend's' place or anywhere else. My Norwegian friend Kristin had a pair of these beauties on her very own island near Oslo.  Anybody who has been near them, or owns them would know what I am babbling about;)

Towards fulfilling this creative desire, I have sketched and painted horses, (check out my earlier post) and when I wanted more of them around me - virtually, I have embroidered them!

I managed to finish these two beautiful Canvas Anchor kits on these marvelous creatures.  Here is one family resting serenely under the cool shade of trees, the mothers feeding their young..
The horse family
A closeup of the canvas embroidery with half-cross stitches..

The other one is a typical scene of what horses are best known for -their speed!

Here is a closeup of the actual embroidery..

And to end, some interesting fun facts on these fascinating animals:
  • Though the average horse weighs about a half a ton, its brain is the size of a baked potato!
  • A zebra + a donkey= A zedonk!
  • A jack ass (male donkey) + a mare (female horse) = A mule!
  • A jenny ass (female donkey) + a stallion ( male horse) = A hinny!
  • Most of the time, a horse's ear points where the horse is looking, so here is your clue to find out what your pet is watching!
  • In the wild horse world, the mare decides when and where the herd will go while the stallion follows. (Do women need some inspiration here?)
  • Horses cannot breathe through their mouths, nor can they vomit!
I hope this inspires other horse-lovers to share their creations with me on this post :)


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