Internet - a great source of freebies

Looking for some new ideas and inspiration?  Search no further than the internet search images option.  The results returned are more than enough for a lifetime of crafting!

  • Try out for example keyword search such as "free embroidery patterns", "hardanger" etc. or similar keywords in foreign languages such as "punto de cruz", "grilles gratuites" or "vagonite", on the Google/Bing images bar, or in Flickr and you are flooded with tonnes of designs! 
  • I went further to locate missing/latest issues of popular needlecraft magazines such as Anna Burda, Mains&Mervilles, and I found a treasure trove of scanned mags on the Picasa Web albums site.  For e.g. you can download dozens of old/new issues of Anna/DMC Hardanger or say Swedish Huck weaving/Vagonite(portuguese).  
  • If you just want to locate pictures of old treasured pieces, check out the archives of the various National Libraries such as Victoria & Albert Museum or University of Arizona.   
  • Similarly, check out the various public domain websites offering free issues of very old and rare books and magazines at Antique Pattern Library, Project Gutenberg, Open Library, Internet Archive etc.  
More tips! 
  • To speed up the downloads of entire albums from Picasa, use a free Picasa album downloader tool.
  •  To download entire photo collections/sets from Flickr, use a free Flick downloader tool.
  •  To access older web pages which are not currently displayed, use for e.g. the MementoFox  plugin for Firefox.
I bet you will be overwhelmed by the amount of data available at your fingertips from across the globe spanning several decades!  Whew!  Good luck hunting to your heart's desire...


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