My Cross stitch creations

"I cannot count my day complete  'til needle, thread and fabric meet..." said an avid stitcher like me.

I am a CROSS-STITCH lover and I can never have enough of creating wonderful home decor things with this simplest form of one of the oldest forms of embroidery!  I am also a member of the I love cross stitch group on Yahoo groups.  Like to join?  Click here.  
Here is a sampling of the pieces I have created with this wonderful stitch and I am always brimming with more ideas, but feel that one lifetime sadly  is not enough!!!!  

Do let me know if you want charts of any of these creations for yourself.  Keep checking as I will add more creations..

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Here is a piece of Kashmiri cross stitch motif I embroidered on white aida.  All the colors are shades of blue.

The pattern is from the Indian edition of Anchor Needle n Thread magazine.  You can subscribe to this magazine here.

Purple buds
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 Here is another tablecloth with a cross stitch flower motif in the corner.

The colors used are lavender, purple and sea green and I have stitched a lavender-colored lace along the border.


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This oval-shaped table cloth was embroidered with a cross stitch motif containing butterflies, flowers and leaves.

I used a brown-colored lace around the border.
Here is a close-up of the butterfly motif.
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Blue on cream
Here is a variation of the cross stitch on a fabric having large countable holes.  I tried 3 different stitch variants to create a new and different type of effect on a table runner, using this cream-colored holed fabric I found at the local furnishing shop in Norway.
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 If you look closer, you will notice that there is already an inbuilt design in the fabric at regular intervals.  I therefore stitched my motifs in-between these designs along the length of the runner. 
I finally added fringes to both ends of the runner using the fabric's own threads. 

 Here are close-ups of the three motifs.
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Purple square
This one is a small square table piece with a simple motif which I stitched using only one color- purple on white aida.
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I repeated the base design around all four corners of the center and added a white-colored lace for the edges.


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