My painting of Lord Krishna and Radha - the beloved couple

As traditional Iyengars, Krishna Janmashtami has a lot of significance in our lives, and the yearly celebrations are a must-show-must-visit event in our homes.  Apart from the mouth-watering delicacies which invite a guest-on-the-list aromatically into our homes, it is also the perfect occasion to showcase all our skills in displaying Lord Krishna in all his forms and postures artistically amid a riot of fruits and flowers and lights.

I for one, enjoy adding to our collection of a thousand Krishna idols in all shapes and sizes, new creations showcasing our beloved God in different craft forms.

This one is a large poster of Krishna and Radha I made for the Krishna Janmashtami celebrations, done using special poster paints, which can puff up on ironing.

The fabric with the printed outline of the motif can be bought at the local craft store, along with the paints, and you can choose from several designs.

These paints make the surface puff up on ironing on the backside of the fabric.  The final look is like an embossed motif in glittering shades.

This whole painting measures about 3ft x 1.5ft, and I have added the maroon-colored frame with golden borders and glass, for a classic look.

The close-up shows how the surface has puffed up for an attractive finish..


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