Self-threading technique on Aida fabric

Most of us use Aida fabric primarily for stitching Cross-stitch.  But one could also try out this variation where I used the threads drawn out of the fabric itself to re-thread it through the mesh holes thus created.  

My pink and green Aida tablecloth
One can use either the same color as the fabric or interchange it with another similar fabric color to achieve different results.  Here I have interchanged colors using the pink for the background and the green to thread through the holes and make flowers at the corners and run through the remaining part of the tablecloth.

A closeup of the center of the tablecloth showing the cluster of flowers as well as the zigzag border around it
  1. Systematically pull out the threads on every fifth weave row to the eighth weave row, i.e. 4 rows present and next 4 rows pulled out;
  2. Repeat this process along the length of the whole fabric in both directions/axis thus forming a square grid with holes;
  3. Use and store the pulled-out threads of the fabric to form separate skein bunches;
  4. Mark the center of the fabric, and create the first flower by starting a skein in the center grid and threading it through the surrounding holes first up then down through the hole, then up again and complete the flower by going backwards through the remaining holes of the flower.
  5. Add subsequent flowers on each side to form a cluster as shown in the second picture.
  6. Use the same up-and-down threading technique to form the zigzag border around the central bunch.
  7. Make similar flowers at the four corners and at the center of each border.
  8. Thread the remaining holes using an 8-approach, both in the center and the rest of the tablecloth in opposite directions, as shown in the first picture above .
  9. Finally seal the edges of the tablecloth by making tassels out of the remaining threads.
  10. The threading technique is shown below:


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