Holy Cow!

We Indians love Cows!  We adore them, worship them and find a zillion uses.

My family has had a century-old tradition of rearing cows and we pamper them just like our own kids, unlike many who sadly let these gentle animals to feed on their own in the streets.

A picture of some of our family cows
"If someone were to ask me what the most important outward manifestation of Hinduism was, I would suggest that it was the idea of cow protection," Mahatma Gandhi, India's legendary nonviolent leader, once wrote.

Here is a picture of our extended family members-both young and old and all female:)  Our friends here, share our house and hearts and occupy a central place in our daily lives. 

My kids wanted me to immortalize our ties with these wonderful creatures, and I picked up a fun-filled chart to embroider.  Here is the finished piece to be framed, and below is the original chart.
My Cow embroidery piece
Original chart from the published Cross-stitch magazine

I used cream-colored aida for this piece.  I made a few changes with the original chart in the colors and added plants and clouds in the background to give a cleaner and more natural look.  I also used lustrous skeins for more shine.

Hopefully, this inspires and infects our other crafters with my passion!


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