Women's Day celebration

March 8th every year is celebrated as International Women's Day.  Good for us, to remind us that we should be proud of being women, to goad us into performing better (and more!) and also a grim reminder that despite comprising half the human population on this huge planet, we don't have half the freedom or rights..

Well, instead of whining, dining and complaining, I feel, we should do whatever is within our reach to make our lives and the lives of the women in our lives (includes relatives+friends+neighbors+maids+office colleagues+office boss of course!) more meaningful and productive!

Why all this lecturing crap, you might wonder.  Well, for one, I am very happy and proud and wish to share with you that I was recognized too and given an award (certificate, rose and complimentary coupons, for free ;)) by a well-known organization! The Maharaja Chapter  of the international networking organization BNI, found me deserving enough to honor me with a 'Notable Woman Achiever' award this year.  Here is the certificate..
Padmini's BNI Certificate March 2012

I was one among 10 women honored, and the only software/technical domain person, while most of the rest were doctors.  The venue of the simple but inspiring event was the conference hall at Fortune JP Palace Hotel in Mysore, the last picture in this photo gallery.

Hope this inspires my fellow mates to also strive to succeed knowing that there will be recognition for good efforts always! :)

I also wish to share a very useful link from the BNI for corporate women...

Corporate Networking Tips for Women..
BNI News 2012

In this two-minute video interview on TheStreet.com, Business Networking and Sex co-author and BNI Director Hazel Walker gives powerful answers to Gregg Greenberg's questions below and more . . .
  •     What do men really want from women in business?
  •     What's the number one topic that women should avoid when they're speaking at meetings to a group of males?
  •     How can women network without giving off the wrong signals?
  •     Should women try and be something that they're not in order to get ahead?
  •     What's the one tip you would give to a woman just joining an organization or on her very first day at a new job, to help her give the right impression?


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