Saree embroidery - 6 - Flowers in Fabric paint

In continuation with my previous posts on Saree embroidery, here is another creation. Click on the pictures for larger views...

This time however, instead of filling in the motifs with embroidery, I opted to just fill them with Fevicryl Fabric paint, for a dramatic effect.

The saree is a cotton leaf-green colored one with silvery white borders.

I therefore used Silver-colored fabric paint for the motifs to break the monotonous green all along the length of the saree.

The motifs used are very simple free-hand drawings, which were traced onto the saree at regular intervals.

I have used two similar motifs, one small and one big alternatively.  Closeup pictures of both motifs are displayed below.

For the saree pallu, I repeated the bigger motif in a single line, rotating each alternatively, as shown in the first picture above.


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