Blue Hardanger Doily

Hardanger Norwegian embroidery has never failed to fascinate me, and I am still not satisfied with the amount of work I have done with this!!

Here is a Blue Square doily of mine, I stitched on ecru-colored fabric.

The design is from Lillill Thuve's Norwegian book on Hardanger called "Hardanger Variations".  It is called "Therese".

I have used DMC Pearl Embroidery threads No. 5 and No. 8, in shaded blue, color # 798.

The stitches used are Buttonhole stitch for the corners (Tungesting), Gobelin stitch (Klostersøm), Openwork with woven bars stitch and tracery (Utklipp/Stoppestingstolper med slyng) and Double band stitch (Dobbel vestmannarenning).

Here is the beautiful original picture from Thuve's book..

And below is the original scanned chart for the blue doily corner..

Enjoy stitching them yourself!


Nusael said...

And why you are not satisfied? It's beautiful, and many thanks for this pattern!

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