Leftover Beads? Make a key-chain!

Wondering what to do with those left-over beads remaining from a previous project?  Then I suggest, why not make some smart and cool key-chains for yourself and the kids?  You might as well make some nice gifts for your friends too..

Here is what I did, when my younger daughter Vibha complained that I never made anything for her!!

Like them?? Then scroll down to

I tried out some simple patterns with alternate bead colors. Remember my earlier posts about the 6-bead and 8-bead circles for my coasters?  You could put these techniques to good use here..

Here is a very simple but cute 4-bead circle one with three "ears" and a long tail.. or is it a head??

Using just two colors of beads - blue and off-white, I made a simple square and extended it further to reach the key-chain..

Click on the images for larger views..

Here is another one with a snowflake in the center and as usual the long tail..

For this one, I used the blue and white beads in a 6-bead circle with a bead inserted in the center of the circle, in order to fill up the pattern.

Here is a simple chart for you to follow if you want to try it out yourself.

It is actually a modification of a chart used with Hama's beads..

Ready for another variation?

Check this one where I used 3 bead colors in a 6-bead circle to create a tiny mischievous diamond for my kid to use..

And I have shown you the chart too...


Why not try one with multiple colors?

Here is a naughty hexagon with 4 colors of beads.

But don't tell me you need a chart for this one too?  I thought you already could do it just by looking at it, right?

Well, go ahead then, and try out all 4 and more..

Just follow your heart, my dear, and I assure you, your kids and friends will definitely be pleased!


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