More Sparkling Beaded Coasters - 8 bead circle

If my readers remember, I had earlier blogged about my beaded coaster creations, where I had used 6 beads to make each round. Click on the picture of the two coasters below to read more in the post..
6-bead-circle coasters
This time, I tried out rounds with 8 beads and used different color combinations to achieve different kinds of effects.

Here is one where I have used red and purple sparkling round beads to create a coaster with alternate zigzag bands.

Here is a closeup of the purple-red coaster...

Here is the pattern chart which I created to work out one this pattern.

You can easily use a similar template to try out different color combinations and patterns for stitching coasters that match your decor.

The other one is an extension of my imagination, where I used red and cream colors alternatively to create a random design.
Here is a closeup of the red-white coaster..
 One can try out various such patterns with different color combinations to brighten up the decor.  Just check out Google images for some great inspirational ideas! 


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