D-I-Y Simple "Designer" Saree Blouses

Hi all saree lovers!

If you are fed up wearing the same dull type of saree blouses, and wondering on how to jazz up your plain blouses at home, here are some simple "designer" illustrations!  These need not take up too much of your time, nor do they require any stitching skills extraordinaire!

So just scroll down for some simple do-it-yourself-at-home ideas for saree blouses, which I tried out..  It is quite easy actually to position the lace along the edge of the blouse in the back or on the arms, and use simple hemming stitch to sew it in place.

Click on the pictures for larger views..

Here is a peacock-blue silk blouse with an extended V-neck back where I have used a lace with 2 rows of small golden-colored beads..

This is a closeup of the beaded-lace border..
The next one is a shining green-gold colored blouse with a round neck.  I have used a beaded lace with sparkling kundan stones/rhinestones for the back.

Here is a closeup of the stone lace border..
The third one is a golden-orange blouse with an extended V in the back.  I have stitched some straight golden lace along the edges, with a sewing machine, to give this effect..
 Here is a closeup of the laced border in the back..
The fourth one in this series is a lavender-colored silk blouse, with a rounded and extended V in the back.  I have stitched another kind of golden lace for the edges of the neck and along the arms, using a sewing machine..
 Here is another hand-embroidered blue silk blouse where I have used a lace with a single row of golden beads, for the U-neck in the back and also along the edges of the arms..
Here is a closeup of the edge with the lace trimmings..
Now, it is your turn, readers, to try out any variation yourself.  The craft shops are overflowing with a myriad of lace trimmings, with or without beads, with embroideries, etc.

So, why not let your creative fingers work some wonders on your dull and plain blouses??  And for those aspiring for "advanced" "designer" blouse patterns, there is always our favourite Google images toolbar..


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