Gorgeous Flowers with Kundan stones/Rhinestones - Part 1

All of us crafters are generally fascinated with flowers, and most of us have definitely tried out making artificial flowers with diverse materials.  The most commonly made flowers are of organdie fabric, stocking fabric, satin ribbons, crepe paper etc.
But if you have kundan stones/rhine stones, you can make gorgeous flowers out of these beads too, like these..

I made these flowers from contrasting colors of kundan beads, and just look at the results! Aren't they magnificent?

And believe me, they are very easy to make, so easy that even kids can try them out (of course, watch out for all those funny disasters in the process ;)). All you need are :
  • various colors of kundan stones/beads, in the size you want for your flowers/vase, 
  • ordinary thick wire (for strengthening the central bud), 
  • golden-colored wire (to make petals out of the stones), 
  • thick white thread (to wind around the petals and the central bud)
  • green tape commonly used to wind around the stems of artificial flowers, easily available in all craft shops (to finally wind around the wires), 
  • and loads of imagination!
The first one I tried is a pink flower with a yellow center, and the second one is a yellow flower with a green center. Notice that the sharp edges of the petals are pointing towards the center/inside.

Here is a variation with white petals and a blue center, but notice that in this case, I have kept the sharp edges of the petals pointing outwards.

You could also try out other petal shapes, such as this light blue flower, where I have used oval kundan stone beads and arranged them around a dark blue center. Why not a Purple flower with a red center?  Or a Red flower around a golden-yellow center..

Any number of color combinations are possible, and your creativity is your inspiration!

So, the next step when the flowers are ready, is to exhibit them properly.

One way to show them off is to put them in an appropriate vase.

I chose a small glass vase with black motifs printed upon it.  I then filled it up to 3/4th level with gravel/pebbles.
Then I arranged the flowers in the vase..

Here is how it looked finally..
For detailed instructions on making these flowers, I absolutely recommend watching K. Sripriya's video >> (I did the same thing:).

So, what are you waiting for?  They hardly take up about 10 minutes each to make, so you can start adding sparkling flowers to your vacant vase right away!


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