Sparkling Kundan Rangoli # 2

Hi again,

If my readers remember, my first piece of Kundan Rangoli on the plastic sheet was a combination of just 2 colors- yellow and pink of Kundan stones/rhine stones.

The second time, I tried out a Multi-colored piece with bright stones and 3D-glitter.

Here is my basic outline with the three rounds of big stones, in golden-yellow, dark green, dark blue and red colors..

Then I worked around these, adding golden-colored beads of various sizes and shapes, strings of pearls, other stone shapes, in between the large stones, in matching colors and finally 3D glitter in golden, red and green colors.

To finish off, I trimmed the edges of the plastic sheet along the design.

Here is a closeup of the finished piece...

Looks grand enough I think, what about you?


Girl Cook Art said...

Hi, I really love the work you have posted here. Very beautiful.where are such kundan stones available? in what kind of shops?

Padmini Narayana said...


Thank you for the complement. There is a large variety of such stones available in local craft shops in India, in a myriad colors and shapes. I am not sure about shops outside India, but I guess, if you describe/show them pics, you may be able to locate them..

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