Gorgeous flowers with Kundan stones/Rhinestones - Part 3

Here is a third kind of flower one can make from a ready-made kundan flower, in a jiffy!

These ready-made flowers already have 5 petals made from kundan beads/rhinestones, and available in craft shops, in several colors and sizes. 

I have used different colored kundan flowers of medium size here, and added golden-colored pollen, which also is available in craft shops in various colors. Believe me, and you will when you try it, it is super easy to make and takes very little time!

The first picture below shows the various materials needed to make this quickie flowers.  The next picture shows how to insert the pollen through the central hole in the flower, add the craft wire, and wind the green floral tape to mask, and complete the flower.  The third picture is of a bunch of completed flowers.

Here is a closeup of the completed buoquet..

Try it out yourself, and you will have a super quick bouquet of sparkling kundan flowers in a few minutes!


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