Sparkling Kundan Rangoli # 3 - A lamp base

Hi readers,

Here is another way to use Kundan/Rhine stones to decorate a traditional lamp during festivities.

I have this large 5 foot brass lamp in traditional South Indian style with a peacock at the top.

I made a round frame in cardboard, where I cut out the center circle to be larger than the base of the lamp.

I then glued on a green-colored paper onto the cardboard base, and two different kinds of golden lace trimmings both on the outer edge and the inner edge to hide the cardboard.

On the green paper base, I embellished the frame with various kinds and shapes of kundan stones, pearls, golden bead chains and 3D glitter paints.

Here are close ups of the rangoli lamp base...

The idea originally came from 

Here is a small picture, of the lamp base created for a small lamp.  I made a larger round for my big lamp.

Check out their article for instructions..


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