Blackwork on Glass?

Hi readers!

Did my post title confuse and make you curious?  Well, the intention was definitely to make you curious but not to confuse you:)

I did paint on glass to create a picture frame, but since I used only one color - black, I decided to call it blackwork on glass! Here is my creation adorning one of the blank walls in our living room.

Painting on glass is a simple art and you can experiment with various colors and designs. 

Start off by tracing a pattern which has clear outlines with minimum possible curves and pointed corners. Remember to trace the pattern in reverse on the wrong side of the glass, so that when you are done, the pattern appears on the backside of the glass, while the front remains untouched.

Generally, glass liners in bold colors for example black, are used to demarcate the borders in the pattern, to help in holding the other wet colors within them and avoid spilling of the paints. but you can do a pattern without the liner like I did here. 

I just filled in the major spaces in the pattern with black oil paint (Asian paints/Nerolac), leaving the empty spaces blank and untouched. 

When finished, I allowed the motif to dry completely.

I then reversed the painted side of the glass to go behind, and to highlight the design, I placed golden-colored craft paper sheet behind this to enable it to show through the blank/unpainted areas of the motif. 

I then got the glass sheet framed with gold borders to achieve this final effect.

For variation, you can use any other colored paper(s) to suit your design.

So readers, try this simple technique yourself and let me know how it went! You are welcome to post pictures too of your completed creations, to share your joy with us all!


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