Old embroidery in a new avatar

Hi gals,

As avid crafters, we are sentimentally attached to artwork inherited from or gifted by our grandmas, aunties and moms.  Many a time, these old pieces turn yellow with age, and staining,rough use and tears damage these priceless treasures.  What then is be done?  Throw them away, give them away or just stash them away in a corner?  Nooooo, you would cry! Then try out a simple way to recycle them by giving them a facelift literally.

One method would be to cut out the motif itself from the rest of the damaged fabric and reposition it in a new surrounding, like I tried out with this one..
The center motif used here is a nicely embroidered piece, which I cut away from an old tablecloth.  I then positioned it in a new tablecloth fabric of a deep blue color.  To hide the frayed edges of the motif, I glued on gold-colored lace 1/2 cm wide along the entire length of the motif.

To complete the piece, the whole edge was then embroidered with a simple grid pattern in chain stitch, featuring mirror work and buttonhole wheel flowers in the alternative boxes in bright colors.

buttonhole wheel
Buttonhole wheel flower -Image from

Here is another creation, where old embroidered motifs have been repositioned in a new background and made into a wall frame..

Do share with me if you have tried out something similar..


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