Saree Embroidery #13 - Weave stitch on Black saree

Hi friends!

I am back after a break! It has been a hectic year with lots of events around me.

But I surely could not forget that my friends and readers are waiting for a new post from me! 
This time I wish to share another of my friend's works. 

Mrs. Shailaja is an avid embroiderer and tries out various designs on her sarees. 

Here is her jet black saree on which she has used the Weave stitch technique to bring out the vibrant colors alive.

Click on the pictures to see a bigger view..

Here is a picture of the entire pallu filled with rows of alternating pink and blue flowers intertwined with delicate greens..


A closeup of the last smallest row of flowers in the pallu..
The rest of the saree is filled with a bunch of flowers in the bottom edge while the body of the saree is punctuated at regular intervals with either the pink or the blue smaller flower motifs..

A closeup of the pink and blue flowers in the body of the saree..

A closeup of the flower bunch embroidered all along the lower edge of the saree..

Whoever said black was boring??  Think of Black as your base background and you can have a riot of colors pop up to please your eye!

Stay tuned for more posts from me!


motidana said...

What a beautiful saree! I love the embroidery .

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