Make your own matching earrings!

Hi friends,
Missing matching ear accessories for that new attire or a favorite dress?
Now, it is as easy as 1-2-3 to make your own fancy matching earrings!
All you need is the desired beaded hangings, fish hooks, pliers, and lots of patience and passion!
Let me show you how.
Step 1:  Get yourself these accessories at a local craft shop:
Step 2:  Tweak open the endings of the fish hooks and insert the dangling beaded accessory into it, one for each hook:
Step 3:  Tighten to close the fish hook ending and secure the hanging. Repeat for all your desired earring pairs.
Voila!  There you are!  As simple as that. 
Here are some more pairs to entice you..
So what are you waiting for?  
Go, grab your purses and head to the nearest craft shop to collect all those fancy pairs you were dreaming of!


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