Foray into beaded jewelry making!

Hi friends!

As a woman, I have always intrigued by all jewelry created by us humans.  And as a new hobby of jewelry making takes a compelling hold of me, and I not only night-dream but day-dream of beads and baubles, I wished to share some interesting thoughts..

This art is so unique to us as we are the only species on Earth creating and wearing jewelry.  Imagine how long back as cavemen (and cave-women), we started experimenting with stones n bones to make beads n buttons! As civilization progressed and the various metal ages dawned, our jewelry basics also kept pace by adding these metals to our raw material list.  Our imagination and ingenuity gave rise to a myriad of jewelry items serving not only as beauty accessories but also symbols of status, trade, ethnicity and religion.

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Given such a colorful and fascinating journey, I wanted to try it out myself.  The best place to begin is to learn from the masters! (in this case, I have a new teacher- the Internet, especially Pinterest!) So here is a modest beginning attempt.

I tried out different combinations with simple designs for my existing strands of semi-precious stone beads.  For some, I added beads and pendants, which I had from before, or which I bought.
Check these out and let me know if you found any of this inspiring!  Also feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions..

To a string of smoky grey crystal beads, I added a simple sparkling white stone pendant, and combined it with a pair of sparkling white stone earrings:

A string of garnet beads, combined with varieties of  golden beads to form a pendant, with matching stud earrings:

A lapis lazuli string of beads embellished with a stone bead pendant and earrings with kundan work, and blue-stone chakri beads in the necklace and white-stone chakri beads for the earrings:

Added a sparkling baby pink stone pendant and matching earrings to a string of baby pink tiny coral beads:

I had a string of jade green beads, which on their own looked very dull and lifeless.

I combined it with a sparkling golden colored pendant with green stones and added small golden beads and chakri beads with white stones between the jade beads to give this fresh look:

That's it folks for my first post on jewelry making!  I have several other projects - Work-in-progress, so stay tuned for some new creations shortly!


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