"Cosmic Rhythm" Unique Resin Paintings

Hi friends,

I had the rare opportunity to visit my mom's friend Usha Patibandla's exhibition of unique resin paintings in Hyderabad this week, called "Cosmic Rhythm".
Me and Usha auntie
Usha is an accomplished artist and has showcased her paintings on oil in some of the most prestigious galleries of the word and featured in several publications.  Her website usha-arts.com and blog abstractextures.blogspot.in are a wonderful window into her world of portraits and her latest creations of resin on wood and glass.  

She has tried the same technique of resin on wood to come over to a glass plate, with amazing results!  Check this must-have centerpiece..

I accompanied my mother (to the left here) along with her friends Jayalakshmi auntie (in the center) and Bhargavi auntie (to the right).  Lakshmi auntie is actually Bhargavi auntie's relative..

My personal favourite? "Destination" !  I got lost in the dreamy perennial waves washing ashore..

The exhibition is open from 29th October to 7th November at the Icon Art Gallery, Road #12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

Please feel free to visit, enjoy and buy the one that tugs at your artistic strings!! :)

Ringa-ringa-roses.. More danglers and earrings coming up!

Time to update your earrings collection?
Find your style and your choice of these pretty accessories, suitable for any occasion.

As if the fish-hook earrings were not enough, and I felt the irresistible urge to try out other funky styles, here is a looka at my latest additions:

Syrian Women have a Message: Drop Earrings, Not Bombs
(Click on the headline to read.)

Wanted to share this very interesting but thought-evoking event with you where thanks to a new handcrafts initiative in Istanbul, Syrian refugee women find confidence and artistic expression making earrings, as well as providing extra income for their households.

Meanwhile, keep following my blog for more pictures!

Need ideas for more earrings? Check these out!

Hi there!

Making all those fish-hook earrings was a great way to kick-start my earrings creations. (Check out my earlier post for details.)

But how could I resist not trying out other beads or pearls or combinations, when my head was running absolutely riot with all those myriad colors and patterns?

Let me share these with you so that the inspiration spreads!

So, which ones did you want? Which ones did you create?  Which one did you wear to your latest party?

Feel free to share with all of us!