Super cute Butter pots/ dahi-makhan handi for Krishnashtami

Hello friends,
It is our beloved Lord Krishna’s birthday again!
Such a joyous occasion demands something special and there is no end to the creative ideas you can work upon to enrich the Pooja decoration.

Today I wanted to share a very simple way of making the butter pots brimming with delicious fresh butter which our beloved Krishna absolutely loves stealing!

Here is what you need to get going to make these super cute butter pots..

  •  Small brass pots (you can also use earthern pots)
  • Golden lace
  • Golden rope
  • Small decorative buttons or craft dots with golden border
  • Golden craft hangings
  • Small gold rings used in jewellery making
  • Golden or orange colored plastic thread used in jewellery making
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Loose cotton
  1. Start decorating the brass pots by applying glue to fix the golden lace around the neck of the pots.
  2. Stick on the decorative buttons/dots  at even distance all around the middle portion of the pots.
  3. Using the macrame plant hanger technique , for e.g. this picture from Molly's website - (thank you Molly :)) would help, make the hangers for a single pot or more than one stacked one upon the other.  diy macrame plant hangers  | almost makes perfect
  4. I have used 8 cords for the single pot hanger and 6 cords for the double pot hanger for variation.
  5. Add the golden craft hanging for a dramatic effect to the bottom of the pots and stuff in the loose cotton into the pots to imitate butter overflowing from the pots.
  6. Suspend the pots using the required length of additional/different cord, onto the rod or nail on the wall to complete the look, as seen in my picture here:
If you are interested in trying out a painted variant of butter pots, here is another idea to add to your display collection:
For this, you need colored rhine stones, stone lace and golden colored lace, craft paints in glossy pink and gold color and craft glue.
  1. Start off with coating the entire pot with a primer after levelling out the surface with sand paper for a smooth feel.
  2. Then apply two coats of pink craft glossy enamel or shiny paint (you can use any desired color) and let dry between coats.
  3. Stick on the colored rhine stones and laces.  
  4. Add the craft paint in gold color at the base. 

5. Coat the inside of the opening of the pot with the gold colored paint as well to finish the piece.
Hope you liked these super sweet pots and the super easy steps too.
Here is wishing you a Happy Janmasthami celebration with these adorable cuties!

Beautiful beaded purse in pearl and leaf green

Hi friends,

Fancy a bead purse to go with that pearl-white dress you wish to flaunt at the latest event?
Wait no more, for I have the right accessory to give you that envious look from your friends.

Here is the finished piece:

And here are the instructions to do it yourself:

Step 1:  Pick up the following materials from a local craft shop:
  • a pack of medium white pearl beads
  • a pack of big white pearl beads
  • big crystal beads of leaf green color (or any color of your choice)
  • a roll of plastic wire and a needle for threading these into a design
  • Scissors, of course

Step 2: Start beading the flowers using 6 leaf green crystal beads with the smaller pearl beads around the green beads, and a large pearl bead in the center.

Step 3: For the backside of the purse, make a plain mat piece of the same size as below:

step 4: Combine the two pieces by using more pearl beads of the same size as shown below:

Step 5:  Combine all 5 sides to leave only one side open as shown below:

Step 6:  Start beading a 3-D handle with the same pearl beads as shown below:

Step 7:  Combine it with the main piece on both ends using extra beads for a nice finish:

Step 8:  Here is how it looks from the front and the back sides:

Step 9:  Sew in the inner lining using Satin material either of white or off-white color.  Here I have added a green-colored inner lining.  If you fancy a zip, add one at the opening, and if desired, one smaller one inside on the inner lining for coins.

Step 10:  Add a small strip of the pearl beads on the back side and a green bead on the front, to form a decorative closing piece.

Tada!  You are ready to flaunt your latest creation!!

Hope you liked this purse and my instructions were easy to follow.
Please do leave your comments, opinions and suggestions as always!

"Cosmic Rhythm" Unique Resin Paintings

Hi friends,

I had the rare opportunity to visit my mom's friend Usha Patibandla's exhibition of unique resin paintings in Hyderabad this week, called "Cosmic Rhythm".
Me and Usha auntie
Usha is an accomplished artist and has showcased her paintings on oil in some of the most prestigious galleries of the word and featured in several publications.  Her website and blog are a wonderful window into her world of portraits and her latest creations of resin on wood and glass.  

She has tried the same technique of resin on wood to come over to a glass plate, with amazing results!  Check this must-have centerpiece..

I accompanied my mother (to the left here) along with her friends Jayalakshmi auntie (in the center) and Bhargavi auntie (to the right).  Lakshmi auntie is actually Bhargavi auntie's relative..

My personal favourite? "Destination" !  I got lost in the dreamy perennial waves washing ashore..

The exhibition is open from 29th October to 7th November at the Icon Art Gallery, Road #12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

Please feel free to visit, enjoy and buy the one that tugs at your artistic strings!! :)