Traditional dancer Wall Mural with Thermocol

Nowadays, you see Thermocol/Polystyrene/Styrofoam everywhere, commonly as packaging material for electronic items.  However, if you are brimming with creative ideas, you can use it for home decor too, instead of throwing it away!

This piece is a replica of one of the numerous celestial female dancers on the pillars in the Belur temple,  called 'shilabalike' or 'Madanika' in Kannada (regional language), in the Hoysala style of architecture.  She is striking a pose, grooming herself with a mirror in one hand.

Steps to make this wall mural:
  • Trace the outline of the pattern onto a large thick thermocol sheet, then cut out with a paper cutter.   
  • Stick onto a plywood sheet covered with a white cloth for background. 
  • Smoothen the rough edges and paint the whole surface a matt dark grey color with Camlin/Fevicryl acrylic colors.  Let dry between 2 coats.
  • Finally, using various  Camlin/Fevicryl 3D Glitter colors, trace the outlines to highlight the various parts of the portrait.  I have used Red, Blue, Golden and Silver colors here for the contours of the figurine. 
  • Frame it when completely dry.
** An interesting fact:  Thermocol dissolves in any solvent of petroleum!

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