Saree Embroidery - 9 - Kantha Bengali Embroidery #3

Continuing my series on Saree embroidery techniques and designs, here is another of my silk sarees where the Kantha Bengali embroidery technique has been used.

The base material used is an English pink silk saree.  Here is a picture of the saree.
The motif worked in Kantha stitch is quite large, so the pattern has been repeated throughout the lower border of the saree, and in the pallu too.
Only three colors apart from black have been used to embroider the motifs: dark green for the leaves, deep red for the flowers and baby pink for the lower level flowers.

Black as usual has been used to outline the stems and the edges of the flowers and leaves.

The kantha stitch used is the basic running stitch.

For more info on this, check out Wikipedia >>


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