Sparkling Kundan Rangoli #1


Rangoli is an ancient art form in India, as you all know, with religious and traditional connections.  Women generally use rice flour for laying out both simple and elaborate patterns both outside the home and inside in front of the dieties/pooja rooms. Many often use home-made and natural colors like turmuric/haldi and kumkum powders, and chemical powders for other brighter colors. The patterns and motifs vary from state to state and reflect the local customs and festivals celebrated.

Rangoli enthusiasts keep constantly innovating within this traditional gambit to produce new and fresh ideas for decorating.  One of these modern additions is the Kundan Rangoli.  Here, colorful gemstones/plastic beads/rhine stones called Kundan stones in Hindi are used on plastic or wood bases to create stunning and reusable designs, which can be used either alone or as a combination to form larger designs.

Whew, was that a long lecture ?!  Actually, gals, that was info for my international readers, and not for you the "Know-alls" !! So scroll down for the real stuff..

I decided to create some myself, after I saw the one done by my friend Vinuthalakshmi, and to tell the truth, it was immensely creative and inspiring.  As there is no end to the number of combinations or colors that one can use to create any number of patterns, I urge all my readers to give it a must-try!

Here is my friend's simple creation using only two colors Pink and Green, apart from some pearls and gold-bead chain for the outlines.  The surface used is the plastic sheet (OHP-Overhead projector sheet) commonly available in all stationery shops.

She created a large circle first with a large silver bead-stone in the center, surrounded by several alternate rings of golden beads and pearls, and then alternate rings of the oval stones in pink and green colors, outlined with gold-bead chains.  The outer rings of the larger oval stones are further embellished with smaller oval stones all around them. The final step is to cut out the excess plastic sheet following the shape of the oval stones, after all the stones are fixed when the glue dries.

Here is my first piece, ahem.. where I tried out the traditional mango/paisley motif.
I used the plastic OHP sheet and Fevicol.  Apart from the various kinds of kundan/rhine stones in white, pink and yellow colors, I also experimented with Golden-colored Glitter glue from Fevicryl to follow the borders and fill in some detailing both inside the mango motifs and in between them.

Here is a closeup of the motif corner.

And if you notice closely.., I know, I know, and I admit I need to exercise some more practice to get the glitter glue to sit better along the border of the motif! :)

To finish off, I cut out the excess plastic sheet along the edges of the motifs, of course.

Now that I am bursting with creative juices, I am working out on some more ideas of mine, so stay connected, and check on my newer posts soon!

To extend your curiosity a bit further, here is a picture of my daughter with a bright cream and red churidar set, where the neckline has some lovely kundan stones and beads embroidery..

Meanwhile, why not try out some yourself?  If you need more inspiration, just google on the search terms - Kundan rangoli and get blown away by the results!!


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