Pearls, pearls and more pearls!

Hi all,

Time to share some more of my creations with you viewers, and inviting your comments and suggestions on the same! :)

Here are some of my experiments with the everlasting beautiful pearls!

Some interesting history on the “Queen of Gems” and the oldest gem in the world, can be found online.  The Jewellery Editor has fascinating details about this fascinating nature's very own special creation.  Feel free to read more on the web!
  1. A pearl choker with a ring of sky blue beads towards the center..

You could create matching earrings such as these two with it:

2.  If you prefer having an all-white choker, this could be a suggestion with matching bracelets:

3.  A plain pearly pearl choker based on a design I saw online.  There are 3 different sizes of the pearls in this design..

4.  Here is another one of my creations where the pearls are combined with sparkly stone rings and the same pattern can be replicated in matching bracelets..
5.  If you wish to try out something casual, just pair a long chain of pearls with a couple of glass beads like this:
There's 5 of them for this time!  
Stay tuned to my blog and keep checking for more designs to come!


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